PlayAGL is a new video game tournament company that is dedicated to giving individual gamers, teams, and the community a way to play video games competitively with Less Cheating than any other online video game tournament website. We take pride knowing we do more to stop cheating than any other online tournament company.

  • We use a “neutral” host so there is no host advantage!
  • We watch the matches to prevent cheating!
  • No more losers claiming the wins!

We Care about the Gamers and Community

We care about the gamers and want to implement as much into our site as we can for them. If you have anything you would like to see in our tournaments, feel free to let us know.

We are a smaller online video game tournament company right now. And with us using a dedicated neutral host, we can only handle a limited number of matches. We would love to handle many more matches on a weekly basis…so if you would like to volunteer as a neutral host (click here). We will be giving jobs to some gamers who act as neutral hosts, have capture cards, and can commentate on the games.

Our online video game tournaments will have an MLG feel, but they will be very different. We use different maps. Different rules. Different game types. We are developing even more unique concepts to add into video game tournaments. We also allow teams of up to 8 people even though we play 4v4. This means you can rotate players in and out for different game types!

We will be adding the games that players want. We are already getting ready for COD Advanced Warfare!

We will be adding more to our video game tournaments since we just worked out an exclusive agreement with and we really want to be apart of their amazing concept that is going to change the video game industry. If you haven’t already done so, go to their site and apply for a sponsorship.

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