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Get ready to embark on a revolutionary gaming journey right here in Your City! Introducing the Amateur Gaming League™, your portal to exhilarating competitions, a vibrant community, and unparalleled gaming experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, our league offers the perfect platform to showcase your skills and connect with fellow gamers from your very own city.

Why Choose Us?

🎮 Unleash Your Gaming Potential: Say goodbye to solo gaming! Join the Amateur Gaming League™ (PlayAGL™) and step into a new realm of appreciation for your gaming talents. Immerse yourself in thrilling tournaments across various game genres, pushing your skills to new heights.

🌆 Local Gaming Community: Forge connections with fellow gamers who share your passion right here in your neighborhood. Develop lasting friendships that extend beyond the virtual world as you strategize, compete, and celebrate victories together.

👑 Become a Local Pioneer: As part of the Amateur Gaming League™, you’re not just a player – you’re a pioneer. Join us from the very beginning and pave the way for a new era of gaming. Rise through the ranks, earn esteemed titles, and inspire future generations of gamers.

🤝 Local Networking: Beyond the games, the league offers a hub for networking. Connect with local gamers, potential collaborators, and kindred spirits who understand the potential of your skills.

How It Works:

  1. Join the Community: Kickstart your journey by requesting membership and expressing your interest in being placed on a team for your favorite game. Sign up for PlayAGL™ to become an integral part of Your City’s gaming community.
  2. Choose Your Games: From heart-pounding action to strategic adventures, our league caters to a wide array of gaming preferences. Pick your preferred games and prepare for intense competitive gameplay.
  3. Membership Fees: Unlock the perks of being an Amateur Gaming League™ member with a modest annual membership fee of just $25. This grants you full access to the league and its events. Additionally, there’s a nominal weekly team fee of ($64) approximately $10 per player for event participation.
  4. Engage in Weekly Events: Get into the heart of the action with our weekly in-person events. Assemble with your team and dive headfirst into the thrill of competition, steadily progressing toward playoffs and championship.
  5. Rise to Greatness: Every match you play contributes to your recognition in the local gaming scene. The more you play, the higher your stature climbs within the local ranks. Showcase your skills and watch your name ascend to the pinnacle.

Ready to Pioneer Local Gaming?

Join us at the Amateur Gaming League™, powered by PlayAGL™, and be part of the world’s first in-person video game league. Whether you’re seeking camaraderie, a platform to flaunt your skills, or the chance to be a foundational part of gaming history, our league offers it all. Unleash your abilities, establish connections, and be a cornerstone of Your City’s gaming landscape. Your local gaming odyssey begins here.

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