Registration-Viral Day-PlayAGL


This page is dedicated to Viral Day and their Sponsorship applicants who have applied or a sponsorship with Viral Day


6 Month Session: $35 Registration Fee $20/Month = $155

1 Year (2) Sessions: $35 Registration Fee $20/Month =$275

Pre-paid Registration:

6 Month Session: $75 (includes registration fee) = $75 or 3 easy payments of $30/m x3 consecutive months

1 Year (2) Sessions: $85 (includes registration fees) = $85 or 3 easy payments of $35/m x3 consecutive months

Note from Viral Day:

We have worked out a special arrangement with PlayAGL.  We did this out of appreciation for all of our supporters and applicants who have been waiting to see what we are doing and how we are going to revolutionize the video game community from the ground up.  We are almost ready to release our Concept and appreciate your support.  We have prepaid for over 100 Discounted memberships for our supporters as a way to say “Thank you so Very much!”

Viral Day Registration

Viral Day is Coming!!